At Durante & Rich Real Estate, we pride ourselves in our vast knowledge of investment real estate. We started in 1998 with a single investment property, while today we currently have over 600 properties and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets under management.

Building your Portfolio
Whether you are looking to add properties into your portfolio, or just beginning, we are equipped to assist you as you build your net worth. Our brokerage has one important goal and focus for each investor client we work with, to maximize the returns while keeping risks to a minimum. We are able to build and present you with different options specifically built around both your short and long term investment goals. Our offices will be able to handle the property management aspect of your investment to maximize the rental income, assist with coordinating any rehab work necessary, and sell your investment once you are ready to cash out!

Taking the Next Steps
Call our corporate office at (847) 221-0058, or email us here, to discuss your investment potential with an experienced investment expert today!